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Below is an archive list of some past events in which I have been involved. Watch this space for details of upcoming events.

HAY Festival, Arequipa, Peru

I will be appearing in two events at the Hay Festival in Arequipa, Peru--a conversation with Carolina Robino about my biography of Hernando Colón and his project to build the greatest library of all time, The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books/El Memorial de los Libros Naufragados, and a roundtable with Pola Oloixarac, Melba Escobar and Xavi Áyen on 'Books as Objects of Desire'. Come join us!

Memorial de los Libros Naufragados

I will be introducing the Spanish edition of The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books at the Fundación José Mauel Lara in Seville, in a conversation with Juan Eslava Galán. More details soon.

Events in Venice, 23 & 24 January 2019

I will be speaking at the Scuola per Librai Umberto e Elisabetta Mauri at the Fondazione Cini on 23 January, and at the Centre for Humanities and Social Change, Ca' Foscari, on the 24th.

CATALOGUE at the Bridport Literary Festival

Come along and hear about Columbus' bastard son and his extraordinary project to build the greatest library ever known.


I'll be returning to the delightful Wigtown Literary Festival to talk about my new biography of Columbus' bastard son. Come along!

Wigtown Book Festival

I'll be at the wonderful Wigtown Book Festival talking about how Shakespeare went from explorer's handbook to revolutionary reading in East Africa.

An Evening at the British Library

I'll be giving a talk about my new book, The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books: Young Columbus and the Quest for a Universal Library, at the British Library on 10 July. Do come along!

Norwich Worlds Festival

I'll be appearing in a session on '(Up-) Staging Shakespeare' at the Norwich World's Festival, in a panel with Amit Chaudhury.

Shakespeare in Swahili at Tara Arts

I'll be speaking on  Shakespeare in Swahili at the Tara Arts theatre in advance of their all-black production of Hamletthe following week.

Shakespeare 400 at The Cambridge Festival of Ideas

I'll be appearing in a panel at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas on Shakespeare's continuing appeal, along with Preti Taneja, Paul Edmonson, and Emma Whipday.

Travel and Literature at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

I'll be joining fellow writer Joe Moshenska, author of the recent Stain in the Blood, to talk about the relationship between travel and literature in our work and to hear about how travel affects your reading.

Bridport Literary Festival

I'll be at the Bridport Literary Festival talking Shakespeare, reading, and revolution.

Sevenoaks Literary Festival

I'll be speaking about Shakespeare in Swahililand at the Ship Theatre at 19.30 as part of the Sevenoaks Literary Festival. Tickets available from 30 July.

Guildford Book Festival

I'll be at the Book Festival in Guildford talking about Shakespeare and how East Africa became a laboratory for testing ideas of beauty in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Shakespeare Solos: Hamlet (at the Wigtown Book Festival)

I'll be leading a masterclass on Hamlet  at the Wigtown Book Festivcal - come along and marvel at the density of this masterpiece!

The Lightbox Literary Weekend

I'll be speaking on 'Shakespeare's World' at the Lightbox Literary Weekend, discussing Shakespeare's work and the impact it has had in unexpected places.

Ways With Words Festival, Dartington Hall, Devon

I'll be visiting the wonderful Dartington Festival to talk about my Shakespeare in Swahililand

Book Reading and Signing, Stanfords Books and Maps London

To celebrate the Ides of March in this Shakespeare anniversary year, I'll be telling the story of how Julius Caesar started a riot in Uganda in the middle of the twentieth century, as well as reading other stories from the book and signing copies.

For All Time - Shakepeare's Universality at the Stratford Literary Festival

I'll be talking to the critic and novelist Gabriel Josipovici about the universal appeal of Shakespeare, in a panel chaired by Benet Brandreth, RSC voice coach and author of a recent work of historical fiction based on Shakespeare's life.

The Independent Bath Literary Festival

I'll be speaking to author and broadcaster Jenni Mills about Shakespeare in Swahililand at the Independent Bath Festival of Literature on Thursday 3 March, from 4.30 to 5.30.



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